Wednesday, October 3, 2012

House rules of the Hyborian Age


Everyone can backstab
World of the Hyborian Age is not a place of chivalry and honor. Everybody will do everything to eliminate his opponent by any means. In  game terms this translates to the ruling that if someone can attack his opponent from behind he gains +4 bonus to hit. If the attack roll succeeds, the opponent should make a saving throw vs. death, if he fails, he dies.

Critical Hits and Fumbles
When someone rolls natural 20 or 1 on an attack roll he has scored a critical hit or fumble respectively. Critical hit allows to roll damage dice as long as the to hit roll is succesful. When fumble occurs, the player gains -2 penalty to the AC for the next round.

Opportunity Penalty
The opportunity penalty can be applied when a spell is being cast, someone rolled a fumble or moved for the whole round.

Two-weapon Fighting
Fighting simultaneously with two weapons grants the character a bonus +1 either to the Armor Class, melee attack roll or melee damage roll.

Unarmed Attacks
Brawling attacks, such as those conducted with fist, foot or dagger pommel, will normally inflict 1d2 points of damage, plus the attacker’s Strength bonus to damage.

Death, Rest, Healing and Insanity

Falling unconscious
Everytime character recieves a critical hit he must make a saving throw. If he fails or his HPs are reduced to 0 he falls unconscious. Also when a character's subdual damage points are equal to his constitution score, he must make a saving throw or falls unconscious.

Character dies when his HPs are reduced to 0-his level.


A full rest of 8 hours restores one HD.
Once a day character can drink booze to restore 1d6 of HPs.

Since not everyday we wake up in a perfect condition I thought It would be aproprieate to cover this in the rules.  Every day adventurers roll their HD.  0 Hours of rest - all HD must be rolled 3 Hours of rest - 1 HD is full, the rest must be rolled 6 Hours of rest - 2 HD are full, the rest must be rolled 9 Hours of rest - All HD are full All wounds achieved must be substracted from the daily amount of HPs.

Sanity Points and Insanity
Every character has sanity points sum equal to his wisdom score. Everytime character experiences something, gruesome, terrible Referee should  call for a saving throw. If character fails the saving throw he must substract d6,d8 or d10 sanity points(at the discretion of the Referee) from the SP sum. If it's reduced to 0, the character is completly insane and is under the control of the Referee.

Movement and Encumberance

As per LotFP rules.


Spellcasting roll
Magic in the Hyborian Age is a dangerous endavour. Dealing with demons and other cosmic entities can cause insanity or even death. To reflect this, everytime sorcerer casts a spell he must make a saving throw vs. magic with penalty equal to the level of the spell that is being cast.

saving throw  effect
         1          spellcaster must immediately make a saving throw vs. death
      failed       sanity loss: 1-3rd level spell 1d6 sanity loss; 4-6th level spell 1d8 sanity loss
     passed      target: -1 to ST vs. spell
        20         target: no ST vs. spell


  1. What's your experience with the '8 hours of rest restore 1 HD' rule? Have you playtested this? I like the idea very much, but wonder if it messes too much with the system...

  2. I've maybe didn't make it clear, it's not that it restores 1HD and that's it. After rolling those HDs you must substract all damage you've recieved.

    For example Subotai(2HD, d6) rests for 8 hrs, so he've got 1 full d6 and the second one he must roll- his roll is 3. He've got 9 hp. but, yestarday He was wounded in the tavern brawl losing 2hp. So his final hp score is 7 hp.

    I've playtested it, and it works pretty well, at least for me and my group.